Our Food



We love food and do our best to express that love in the dishes we put on the table

Our Tradition

We are "Gusta Me", a family run restaurant making great food for generations. Our location comes with prestigious hospitality pedigree and we're working hard to honor the tradition and at the same time bring our own modern flavors & food making techniques, Come and join us as we're advancing into a new era of our restaurant venture with more amazing food in a fantastic location with views of the Old Town and the Adriatic sea.




The Food We Make

At "Gusta Me" you can expect only the best Mediterranean style dishes made with lots of love by our chef Mia Čobić and her kitchen crew. All the ingredients that we use in our food are locally produced and turned into delicious fresh fish, seafood, meat, pasta & various other dishes for you to enjoy. You can find more information about our full offer on our MENU page with detailed descriptions and pricing.